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black and white family photo album

Heritage Interviews

Every pictures has a story… and you can Relive the "Good Ole' Days"

There are significant moments in everyone's life that deserve to be captured. Mitch Leopard is passionate about preserving this history. Emotions, personalities and sentiments all shine through - creating memories that will last forever.

Don't you wish you knew more about them. Call (770) 564-2057.

We arrive at your home or company…interview your relative, boss, or employee on camera…and in about a week, you'll receive a DVD you can play on your own TV of that special person. Give it as a gift, or keep it yourself, or both. You'll receive a DVD of that special person which you can play on your own TV. Mitch Leopard Productions knows the interview business. (770) 564-2057.

Phone Messaging and IVR Voiceovers

Mitch Leopard Productions continues to offer Phone Messaging and IVR Voiceovers to companies which require a changing phone message or a need to inform customers of office hours changes. This program is reasonable on the budget and it works. Customers always know your holiday schedule and you can wish your customers a happy holiday period. YOU CAN EVEN USE THIS PROGRAM FOR FREE ON-LINE ADVERTISING ON YOUR PHONE MESSAGE!

Messaging Details

Radio and TV Production Department Special

I deliver high quality audio in any phone format you require, usually within 24 hours. I will record your original message and send it back to you when your hours are back to normal.

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