Q: Is Mitch Leopard union or non-union?

A: Mitch Leopard and all of his voice talents are non-union. I will, however, gladly and enthusiastically accept payments at union scale if that is what you prefer to pay.

Q: How can I pay Mitch Leopard Productions?

Q: What is this "Have Mic, Will Travel" business?

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A: Travel and specifically international travel is in my blood. With 15 years of international news correspondent work throughout Europe, the Middle East and other places...if I can get there, I will BE there. While I love working in my professional home studio and sending out audio commercials, film and corporate narrations, phone messaging, and a myriad of other projects, give me a camera guy and a great international product, a free lance news story to cover, or event to promote, and I'm there. I suffer from "travel-withdrawal" syndrome, so my idea of the good life is 2-3 months in the studio, then a month in the hinterlands. Beverly and Max don't mind too much. They say; "Well it is the hinterlands." Don't you just love the hinterlands? You cannot go wrong with hinterlands. P.S. - A new documentary is set to go. When the funds are ready, I'm in the hinterlands. "Have Mic, Will Travel"

Q: What kind of professional audio/video equipment does Mitch Leopard Productions use?


A: Please see The Studio for a complete list of audio/video equipment.

Q: Is his audio compatible to send as an MP3 file?

A: Absolutely. In fact, today, this is why so much work is done out of professional home studios. Taking the time to record at a company studio limits how much work one can do. I start at 6 AM! If it's MP3 you want, what I offer is as good as most advertising/sound studio productions. In addition, we provide any other format you require, such as WAV, AIFF, Monkey's Audio, Audio CD Image, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, WAVPack Lossless Compressor and more. We also offer a variety of formats available for use in phone answering systems which cannot input standard MP3 files. We can also burn DVD/CD or FTP and YouSendIt, and we can overnight a disc by courier service.

Q: Is it true Mitch Leopard Productions is a Government Contractor as well?

A: Yes. Mitch Leopard Productions is registered with Dun and Bradstreet, and has complete Federal, State, and Local Government registration. It is licensed countrywide to do anything from a Public Service Announcement to a full blown Motion Picture.