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This voice has been very busy....radio and tv commercials, major motion pictures, documentaries (award-winning), network newsguy (TV and Radio), corporate narrations and DVDs, audiobooks and e-learning. We've done much and I LOVE MY WORK!

Words which have been used to describe Mitch Leopard's Voiceovers include: Deep voice, rustic, resonant, warm, pleasant, relateable, engaging, personable, funny, nerdy, country, soft-sell, hard-sell, powerful, authoritative, professional, informative, educational, narrator, announcer. "WHEW! Let the computers chew on those for a while."

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Mitch Leopard Voiceover talent has a variety of voice styles. Click here to sample as many as you like. His narrations are warm, deep, smooth, and natural and you get to choose which is best for your business! He is friendly and authorititative with presentations so businesslike, you will believe HE owns the business. Voice age runs the timeline from late teens to early 60s and includes, for acting, the "newsman" and/or "narrator" as well as several "character" voices. Mitch Leopard talents are non-union.

Additional talent is available in a variety of international languages both male and female.

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  • 2007 Freelance Voice-Actor
  • 2004 Master's Degree work
  • 1991-1998 Freelance Television Producer
    • Baghdad, Iraq, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon
  • 1984-1991 CNN London-based Producer-Correspondent covering stories in Baghdad, Sarajevo, Damascus, Beirut, Amman, London, Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Rome, Dublin, Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Dresdan, Frankfurt, Tripoli, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Guatemala, Tenerife, Canada...and more.
  • 1983 CNN Headline News Anchor
  • 1982 CNN Radio Anchor/Newswriter.
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"Before that, just ask.  I have lots of stories...like being Manager of the REAL WKRP, or escaping approaching troops in the Middle East just before the Gulf War broke out by swimming the river between Iraq and Turkey with gun scopes trained on us from BOTH sides."